"If you live in a place where you cannot maintain cows personally, you can engage in cow protection by adopting one of our resident cows, bulls or calves. You can donate for one month, one year or lifetime feeding and care. For one year and lifetime adoption, you can perform worship of the adopted cow with the assistance of a Goshala priest.

In case of lifetime adoption, you can perform the worship every year on your preferred date. Become a Lifetime Adoption member and we will also send you regular updates and photos of your adopted cow.

While providing information, deputy director of the animal husbandry department said, "At present, there are around 300 cows in the gaushala that do not give milk. Green fodder, husk, medicines are required so that these cows can be properly taken care of. Without the active support of people, the gaushala cannot function properly and that is why the cow adoption programme has been started.