Healthy Families, Healthy Communities

Pioneering efforts to address healthcare needs in poor and marginalised communities

Rashtriya Dharm Hindu Sanghatann Health interventions work to improve the access to quality healthcare services for the poor and marginalised communities. By identifying the root causes of healthcare challenges, we work at the individual, community, and systemic levels to develop innovative solutions and help implement quality healthcare services. The ambit of our work includes improving of maternal and reproductive health, child health and nutrition, and early identification and treatment of communicable diseases.

Rashtriya Dharm Hindu Sanghatann Women's Health Improvement Program for Poor and Marginalised Communities

Health System Strengthening

  • Community Health ecosystem Management
  • Quality Improvement Programs
  • Program Management (Supply Chain Management)

Community Centric Approaches

  • Social Accountability
  • Behavior change communication
  • Population Health Management through transformatory leadership development

Market Based Approaches

  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Social Franchising
  • Health Financing

Cross-cutting approaches

  • Digital Health
  • Gender Centric Programming
  • Continuous Monitoring and Learning
  • Knowledge Management
  • Innovation Cells

Major Achivements


individuals reached directly through health interventions across 9 states, out of which 43,358,023 are women and girls.


Rashtriya Dharm Hindu Sanghatann provided access to quality healthcare to 51,535,110 individuals, including 43,358,023 women and girls, as its contribution towards SDG 3.

Reproductive, Maternal & New Born Child Healthcare NGO | Rashtriya Dharm Hindu Sanghatann


Towards SDG 2, providing adequate food and nutrition, Rashtriya Dharm Hindu Sanghatann supported 8,953,380 individuals including 4,303,729 women and girls.


individuals reached under SDG 6 to secure the availability of water and sanitation for all.

Focus Areas